Best Clothes For Exercise


How do I know what to choose?

So, you want some new workout clothes but don’t know where to start. Here’s a few tips to make sure that you’re getting the best gym clothes that you can.


Can I wear something fashionable?


Yes, of course, gym wear is very on-trend and you want to wear something that you feel good in! There are so many different types of fitness wear around but make sure that you go for fashionable performance wear, rather than high fashion. Something might look amazing, but if it is ill fitting, doesn’t stretch in the right places or doesn’t keep you cool then you will end up feeling uncomfortable and this can affect your workout. It’s better to spend a little more on performance wear that you will feel good in rather than cheaper fashions that you will end up not wanting to wear because they don’t do the job properly leaving you feeling uncomfortable.


How do I know which material it should be made from?


Choose a material that allows your skin to breathe such as polyester or spandex (lycra) which are both good for moisture wicking as well as being long lasting, wrinkle resistant and breathable. Lycra is also super stretchy meaning that you can wear close fitting clothes and still get yourself into all the right positions!  Pick workout wear made of polypropylene if you are exercising outside in the rain or if it is very humid. As well as also being wrinkle resistant, strong and long lasting, it will keep you warm if it’s cold. Another newer material is bamboo which is eco-friendly and sustainable. It’s becoming very popular and it has the added benefit of being naturally antimicrobial (active against microbes) which helps to reduce odours. Avoid cotton when exercising (unless you are doing something very low impact and low intensity) as it absorbs moisture and leaves you with damp clothes that can cause irritation and leave you feeling cold really quickly when you’ve finished your workout.


Do I need different clothes for different types of exercise?


You will have a much better workout if you are wearing the right, comfortable clothes for the activity that you are doing. Look for good coverage! There’s nothing worse than being conscious that your clothes aren’t quite staying in place whilst you are trying to concentrate on your position and technique. Try your clothes on at home and test them out with squats to make sure that they are not see-through before wearing them to the gym. As a guide:

If you are running, wear shorts or lycra leggings or running tights if it’s cold. Wear a vest or t-shirt but avoid anything made from cotton and if it’s cold, add a polypropylene long sleeved top and hats and scarves if required. Also, make sure that you have a well-fitting, supportive sports bra. Some of my favourite brands include Sweaty Betty, Gymshark, Under Armour and Nike. It needs to be comfortable so check that the straps are wide enough and don’t dig in and that everything stays in place! ????   You will need to have the correct trainers for running. Any old pair will not do as they need to support your feet and ankles. You will need different trainers for running on different surfaces. Check that you have the right trainers for running on the road if that’s where you like to run. If you prefer running on more uneven terrain, then you will need a different type of trainer.  Most running shops now have machines which will test your running gait so that you can get the best fit of trainer for you. Remember to wear the socks that you run in when you go to buy your trainers as they can make a difference to the fit.

For classes like Yoga,  the exercises involve getting into many different positions so you need to wear something stretchy that will stay in place, such as leggings, Yoga pants (these tend to be made from thicker fabrics than leggings and are slightly looser) and a top which will stay in place. Avoid very short shorts and baggy shorts which can ride up and floaty tops which can fall over your head while you are in down dog! Make sure that your leggings are opaque and don’t reveal everything as you are stretching and wear a supportive sports bra. Classes are done in bare feet, although you can wear socks if you prefer – just make sure that they are the type with the anti-slip grip bottoms.

For the gym, wear comfortable clothing such as tight fitting shorts, lycra leggings, yoga pants, vest tops, t-shirts and sweatshirts, made from synthetic materials to help you to stay cool, together with a well-fitting, supportive sports bra and comfortable well-fitting trainers. 

One extra thing, if you have long hair tie it back ???? There’s nothing worse than being halfway through a sweaty workout and your hair starts sticking to your face! 

So, if you are wearing performance fitness wear that looks good, you will feel good, you will want to exercise, and you will have a better workout! ???? 


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Much Love

Caroline & Hannah xx