What is Zumba?

Zumba is a fun, upbeat class sure to get you smiling! Dancing to songs from Latin Zumba classics, to modern chart songs, such as, Jason Derulo’s Tip Toe, each class is an energetic, fun-filled, calorie-burning dance party!

Zumba is FUN for everyone

Whether you’re just starting out your fitness journey or are looking for something to push you, Zumba is perfect for everyone! You’re always in complete control so you can adapt to your desired intensity.

What are the benefits of Zumba?

Healthy Heart and Improved Cardiovascular Fitness
Zumba is a high intensity fitness class that gets your whole body moving. This strengthens your heart and improves blood circulation, giving you more energy when you exercise.

Brain Perks
Zumba enhances your concentration skills and attention span, This is because the oxygen-rich blood reaches the brain due to the increased blood flow when exercising.

Weight Loss
Zumba is a high calorie burning activity with only 30 minutes burning around 300 calories.

Better Coordination
Unlike other fitness classes, a faced paced Zumba session gets you moving your body in conjunction with each other. Overtime this improves your co-ordination (it’s a bit like a tongue twister for your arms and legs!)

Stronger Bones & Muscles
When you exercise, you work multiple muscles groups and increase bone density, making you healthier and happier.

Stress Relief
When you Zumba, you sweat! This then releases brain chemicals that reduce stress and puts a smile on your face. This increases healing, digestion, and rest.

With the fun music and holiday feeling, Zumba provides you with a constant form of inspiration and the engagement you need when you are dropping energy levels in a class.

Pain Prevention
One in three people in the UK have lower back pain each year, but people who exercise are less likely to get it!

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Firstly, our classes are women only as we run these in our women’s only gym, W Fitness, and there’s certainly no need to feel self conscious as we take the class in a mirror-less room so you can just focus on having the best workout! Plus, Zumba at W Fitness is only 30 minutes, but you’ll certainly feel like you’ve had a great workout!
Everyone! This class is perfect for you, whether you’ve been to a million Zumba classes before or never stepped foot into a Zumba class as you are in complete control of the intensity of the workout!
A lot of people worry about the co-ordination and rhythm aspect of the class, but we have a variety of abilities within the class and it never holds anyone back! We all have a laugh together and the more you come, the better your coordination and rhythm improves! Plus, there’s the well known Zumba phrase: There’s no wrong moves in Zumba, only accidental solos!