Fitness Classes

Exercising in a group is a great way to train and break the usual workout routine.

We have a variety of classes available to suit you whether you want to attend a Zumba class or a body transformation bootcamp, there is something for everyone.

"Training that goes beyond physical results, giving you the confidence to live a healthy, happy lifestyle"

Our fitness class timetable

Our in-person classes are back!!

We are now running our classes back in our studio, please find our timetable below, and if you’d like to book a class simply message us!



10am BodyBlast*



9am Fitness Yoga with Hannah

5:45pm BodyBlast*

6:30pm Zumba*



9am Zumba*

7pm HIIT Aerobics with Sheryl



9am Ab Blast with Caroline

6pm Fitness Yoga*



6pm Dancercise with Sheryl



9am BodyBlast with Sheryl

10am Zumba with Sheryl


All of our classes are with reduced numbers with a maximum of 8 ladies per class for everyone’s safety.


What are our virtual classes (classes marked *)?

Alongside our instructor led classes we will also be running ‘Virtual’ classes so we can run an extended timetable, giving you more options and times to come to class! These will be pre-recorded classes that are projected onto a screen for you to follow along to in our studio



£5 for non-members

FREE for W Fitness members


Plus, as a W Fitness Member you get access to our private Members only Facebook Group where we currently have a library of over 200 real-time workouts for you to choose from to complete online at home! This is perfect if you can’t get in to see us, or have to isolate due to COVID-19. There’s classes ranging from HIITs and Boxing, to Yoga and Stretches.

BodyBlast Class

Our BodyBlast classes are women only classes focused on fat loss and toning through our full body HIIT style class. Our female fitness instructors combine both body and free weight exercises to cater for all abilities, put together in a fun routine.

Freestyle Fitness Yoga Class

Our Freestyle Fitness Yoga classes incorporate traditional yoga poses and movements into fluid routines so you don’t stop moving. Freestyle Fitness Yoga provides your body with a gentle yet powerful workout.

Zumba Class

Zumba is a fun, upbeat class sure to get you smiling! Dancing to songs from Latin Zumba classics, to modern chart songs, such as, Jason Derulo’s Tip Toe, each class is an energetic, fun-filled, calorie-burning dance party!

Body Transformation Bootcamp

Body Blast is a 30 minute class targeted at fat loss, as well as toning your full body! Every month we change the routines to keep the class fun and engaging.


Women only! But other than that, everyone is welcome to attend any of our classes. Our fitness classes can be adapted to suit anyone as long as you let the instructor know at the beginning.

All non-W Fitness members can attend our women’s only fitness classes for £5 per class on a pay-as-you-go basis.
Yes, if you’re a W Fitness member, our weekly fitness classes are included in your membership! *Please note, there is just an additional fee for the 12 Week Bootcamp.
At W Fitness, all our classes are run by women for women! Plus, there’s certainly no need to feel self conscious as we take the classes in a mirror-less room so you can just focus on having a great workout! We keep our class numbers low to ensure we can give you your best workout!