Body Blast

Fitness level: All Abilities
Duration: 30 Minutes

Body Blast Live & In Person

Our BodyBlast class runs with a maximum of 12 ladies per class.

Wednesday 6pm- 6:30pm

Body Blast Virtual Workout

Pre-recorded classes that are projected onto a screen for you to follow along to in our studio.

We are currently only running BodyBlast as a live class

Body Blast is a 30 minute class targeted at fat loss, as well as toning your full body! Every month we change the routines to keep the class fun and engaging – you’ll certainly never get bored in a W Fitness Body Blast class! We combine body-weight exercises with free-weight exercises to build the best workout possible.

Fat burn
Free-weight & Body-weight Exercises

Frequently Asked Questions

How is W Fitness’ Body Blast Class different?

Our Body Blast classes are women only as we run these in our women’s only gym, W Fitness. Plus, there’s certainly no need to feel self conscious as we take the class in a mirror-less room so you can just focus on having a great workout! We have a maximum of 10 women in any of our Body Blast classes to ensure we can give you your best workout!

Who is Body Blast for?

Everyone! This class can be adapted to suit anyone, simply let the instructor know of any reason you may need the routine adapted prior to the start of the class.

Book Your Class

You can book a class as a member through our app, or as a non member using the link below. There is a £5 fee for non members.