Memberships With W Fitness

There’s plenty of gyms out there, but it takes finding the right gym for you to get results!

Why Choose a W Fitness Membership

At W Fitness we fully support you every step of the way. Take a look at how we can help you achieve your dream goals:

We’ll always invite you in for a free consultation & visit before signing up to ensure we’re right for you. If you then choose to join us, we’ll book you in for your induction.

In your induction we will:

  • Chat about your fitness and medical history, your nutrition, and what you’re wanting to achieve. From this we will create your personal workout programme that will be tailored to you to ensure your working towards your goals. Everyone is different, and everyone needs a workout programme to suit them.
  • We will then take your measurements, this includes your height and weight, as well as your inch measurements, blood pressure, BMI and body fat percentage.
  • Next we’ll guide you round every machine to ensure you feel confident using our circuit, we never want any of our ladies to feel worried or conscious about using gym equipment.
  • You’re then set to use the circuit as much as you’d like! We recommend just 3 times a week to ensure you see results and gain the health benefits. We’re always on hand if you ever need any help, support or just have a question.

We will complete a 1:2:1 workout programme review every month. This is to ensure you’re still using the correct technique on each of the machines (we all become complacent after a little while and sometimes need a little reminder), and to alter your programme to ensure you’re still reaching for your goals.

Every 12 weeks we will complete a full Measurement Review. We retake all of your measurements to give us a full picture of your results (weight on the scales alone isn’t an accurate measure as this fluctuates daily). We can then chat about your results to ensure you keep heading towards your desired goal!

Membership Options

We have three Membership options, all of which include the following:

Included in your membership:

A Full Induction
Monthly 1:2:1 Workout Programme Reviews and Updates
Unlimited Use of the Circuit & Classes
A Personal Workout Programme & Nutritional Advice
Measurement Tracking every 12 Weeks
Support and Guidance


£35.00 Per Month

+ £20.00 Joining Fee


£45.00 Per Month

+ £20.00 Joining Fee


£55.00 Per Month

+£20 Joining Fee

We also offer Mother-Daughter memberships for a discounted price of £50 per month for a 12 month membership. This means if you sign up, you can add on your daughter for just £15 per month if they’re under 18 years old. Get in touch with us for more information.

Why Can’t I Sign Up Online?

Because we want you to make sure we’re right for YOU first!

As we’re so different from conventional gyms, we like to make sure you have the chance to see our studio and chat to us about what’s included in your membership. We never want anyone to commit to something they don’t feel is right for them so there’s never any pressure to sign up during your consultation. Simply come and see if you feel we’re the right gym for you!

If you’re still not sure, we offer a Day Pass for just £5 to come and try us out – this will run like your Induction as we will guide you around our circuit to ensure you’re having the best workout for you! If you then choose to sign up, this £5 will be removed from your first month’s fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to be a member?

To use our 30 Minute Circuit you must be a members as we create a unique programme for all our members. However, our personal training services and classes are also available to non-members. Please use the contact form to book a session, or ask any queries.

How much is your membership?

W Fitness is unlike any conventional gym you’ll have been to!

Our price includes:

  • A Personal Workout Programme
  • An Initial Consultation to tailor your programme to you
  • Measurement Tracking, including inch measurements, Blood Pressure, and Body Fat %.
  • A Monthly Review to ensure your programme is growing with your fitness level
  • A Personal Service – we want to get to know you!
  • Classes, including Fitness Yoga, Ab Blast, Dancercise and more!
  • Women-Only Facility
  • Home Exercises to compliment your programme
  • Nutritional Advice

You get all of this starting from £35 a month, which works out at as little as £1.17 a day (less than your coffee!). However, we also have seasonal offers, so please get in touch to ask about those!

Everything you need to hit the ground running

Find your perfect W Fitness membership or come and try our ladies only gym with a free pass.