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Our Unique Circuit Training

Our 30 minute circuit is especially devised for women with each of our 10 stations designed to target specific muscles, adding up to an effective full-body workout.

Our low-impact, easy to use circuit is suitable for women of all ages and abilities, even if you’ve never stepped foot in a gym before as we design your own personal program which is constantly updated to ensure you reach your desired fitness goals.

The benefits of circuit training with W Fitness

Toning and firming

Fat loss

Increased mobility & strength

Better sleep

Reduced stress levels

Increased confidence & self-esteem.

Long term health benefits

Meet new people

Real Stories, Real Results


Simply put, circuit training is a combination of exercises that you repeat for a certain length of time with short rest periods in between. Our unique circuit combines 10 exercises, designed to target all the major muscles in the body for a complete full body 30-minute workout. Worried about the short rests? Don’t panic! We set your programme so you’re never working the same muscles on two consecutive ‘stations’. This gives your muscles a chance to rest so you can work at your maximum capacity on every exercise.

It gives you a great workout.

Due to the short rest periods, your major muscles been worked, and the combination of upper, lower and full body exercises, circuit training is designed to keep your heart rate elevated through the entire workout. A higher heart rate is a good thing that in turn leads to greater fitness levels.

We have a heart rate tracker on our 1st station to ensure your heart rate elevates to the correct level for your individual training heart rate, however, if you also have an activity tracker (ie Apple Watch) we can work with you to track your heart rate through the whole workout too (but this isn’t necessary!)

Ensuring you hit your training heart rate, means you’re getting a great workout – just what you need to reach your goals!

It is perfect if you get bored easily.

Circuit training is also great if you get easily bored (in the gym or outside of it!) as you’re only completing each exercise for a short period of time, then moving on to do something different. There’s no time to get bored with circuit training!

Due to the nature of circuit training, it is a very time efficient way of working out. Each of our circuit training ‘stations’ work multiple major muscle groups meaning we can fit your whole workout in just 30 minutes. This makes it ideal to fit into your busy schedules!

Plus, if you answer yes to one of these:

  • Do you get bored easily when exercising?
  • Do you never have time to exercise?
  • Do you never know what to do at the gym?
  • Do you hate busy gyms where all the equipment is in use?

…then circuit training with W Fitness is for you!

Our circuit uses Hydraulic Resistance machines which are low impact for your joints, reducing the stress on the joints and soft tissue, and therefore, reducing the risk of injury! This is what makes our equipment suitable for ladies of all ages (we currently have members ranging from 18 to ladies in their 80’s!) However, Hydraulic Resistance also results in maximum muscle fibre recruitment through the entire range of motion, and every movement engages multiple muscle groups and twice as many fibres through the push/pull dynamic, so for those wanting to reach their goals, such as, to reduce their body fat, it offers superior results!

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