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Our Unique Circuit Training

Our 30 minute circuit is especially devised for women with each of our 10 stations designed to target specific muscles, adding up to an effective full-body workout.

Our low-impact, easy to use circuit is suitable for women of all ages and abilities, even if you’ve never stepped foot in a gym before as we design your own personal program which is constantly updated to ensure you reach your desired fitness goals.

The benefits of circuit training with W Fitness

Toning, firming and Fat loss
Increased mobility & strength
Increased confidence & self-esteem.
Better sleep & Reduced stress levels
Long term health benefits
Meet new people

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your circuit work?

Our circuit is made up of 10 individual stations that each work a targeted muscle group. These stations are made up of: 6 hydraulic resistance machines; 2 free weight stations; a cardio station; and a stretch station. When all 10 are combined you create a powerful full body workout.
The machines are suitable for all ages, abilities and sizes as they are easily adjustable, offer two-way resistance, and have a resistance control to advance or simplify your programme depending on your fitness ability and goals.

These 10 stations are specifically combined to create a workout that puts you in your “fat burning zone” which will increase your metabolism, burn fat, strengthen and create lean muscle. We can tailor your personal programme to match your specific fitness goals.

Our circuit was designed by our Personal Trainer and is exclusive to W Fitness.

Is W Fitness suitable for older ladies?

Yes! Our machines use hydraulic resistance which is easy on your joints and suitable for all ages and abilities. As we tailor your personal programme to you, we can ensure it matches your individual needs. If you have any queries regarding this, please don’t hesitate to book in for a visit so you can see the machines and we can explain in more detail how they work

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