Slimming Group Vs Big Gyms Vs W Fitness

Slimming Group Vs Big Gyms Vs W Fitness 2

What’s the best way to reach your goals?

Many women want to achieve ‘Weight Loss’, often mistaken for actually wanting ‘Inch Loss’ as you don’t want to lose your muscle mass.

So how can you achieve this desired inch loss?

Many turn to the nationwide slimming groups that hold local meetings, whilst others turn to their local gym to hit the treadmill…but are either of these the best option, or is there a third?


Do I need a gym or a slimming group?

Whilst slimming groups are great for transforming your diet, they don’t help you tone and firm your body.

And whilst running on a treadmill for hours is great for your heart and lungs, and essential if you’re wanting to run a marathon, unfortunately, this won’t help you lose weight in the long run (pun intended!). See our previous blog post ‘Is your workout helping you lose weight?‘ on why running isn’t always best.

W Fitness combines the best of both Worlds, we’ll help you with your diet and nutrition, improve your fitness levels, and achieve inch loss!

What do they all provide?

Slimming Clubs: 1-hour meeting weekly for approx. £5, a weekly weigh in, group support, nutritional and diet advice and recipes to follow.

The Big Gyms – great if you know what you’re doing but typically provide: unlimited access, no support, no way to track your results, busy, price varying from £10 – £130 a month.

W Fitness: Unlimited access to our women’s only gym, a personal programme, monthly programme reviews, 12 weekly measurement reviews (including body fat %, BMI, inch measurements, blood pressure) to track your results, unlimited support, diet and nutritional advice and healthy recipes, free tea, coffee and naturally flavoured water every visit, all for the weekly price of £8.08.

So, which do you think provides the best value, experience, and support to help you achieve inch loss?

We’re confident we can help YOU achieve your fitness goals! Message us today if you’re ready to change your lifestyle for the better!



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