Is your workout helping you lose weight?

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Treadmills for weight loss

Summer is around the corner, which means many women are hitting the treadmills with the aim to lose weight!
However, did you know this might not be the most effective method? In fact, if you’re looking to lose inches, running on a treadmill might have the reverse effect!

One of the reasons is that, the more you exercise at the same heart rate (i.e running at the same speed for 1 hour), the more the body naturally tries to compensate by altering your metabolism through a series of evolutionary-based protective mechanisms which are designed to prevent starvation and weight loss.

Glenn Gaesser, a Professor of Exercise Science at Arizona State University, said “We all have a set-point range for our weight and, while the average person may consume three-quarters of a million calories per year, from year to year we weigh pretty much the same thing unless something happens that greatly distorts our lifestyle.”

That being said, weight loss, or inch loss, can still be achieved successfully.

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