Returning to the gym after lockdown

Returning to the Gym

It’s been a while….

Now we are returning to the gym after our enforced break, what should we be doing? After all, before the world changed, you were with us regularly, felt better and had that nice warm feeling that comes from knowing your body is loving the exercise and attention – and other people were noticing too. So, let’s get back there, but there are a few things we should be thinking about before the gym kit is retrieved from the back of the wardrobe.

Getting back into a regular exercise schedule can be difficult, other things may have got in the way – kids, partners, work, the Netflix series you obviously have to finish etc. Maybe you’re thinking there’s really no time to do that circuit at the moment. Do you really need it? Are the benefits worth it? Yes, yes, yes, absolutely! Think back to how exercise made you feel, how much stronger you were, how much more energy you had, how your joints ached less and how little time it takes. It’s worth investing that time in you isn’t it? This is for you ???? If you exercise, you’ll be less tired, feel stronger, fitter and generally better. It won’t take long for us to become part of your lifestyle again and you’ll soon get back into the habit.

Of course, your first two or three visits will feel a little harder!  You may think you’d cracked the circuit a few months ago, you’d built up to a certain level and you were pushing yourself, but now you might find that you need a lower resistance, be more out of breath and ache a little more afterwards.  Of course you will! Think how you felt when you first joined us – a bit like the first day in a new job when everyone else knows stuff backwards and you don’t even know where the coffee machine is. Starting at a lower resistance is perfectly normal after the long break that we’ve had. Trying to maintain your resistance levels at what they were back then will leave you feeling disheartened as you feel that you are right back at the beginning. You aren’t!  Take things a bit easier, drop back a level or two, and it won’t take long to be back to where you were, whilst still feeling that you’re pushing yourself and getting a good workout. It won’t be like starting from the very beginning. Don’t forget we are here to help and advise you. 

If you have lost some of your fitness, don’t worry. Think what you can do to build that confidence back up. Try getting a daily walk in as well as coming to us and maybe doing the home exercises before you go to bed. Think about your favourite piece of equipment in the gym, or maybe your free station exercises are your favourite and focus on that. Don’t forget that walking is brilliant exercise and can really help to move those muscles on days when you’re not visiting the gym. A lot of you will have been working out with our live classes which is great, some of you will have started out with good intentions and then not carried on and some of you might have not done any. Whatever level you are at, returning to the gym will only improve on that. 

Now that we are slowly returning to normal, more people are actually wanting to get out of the house, talk to other adults and get individual guidance to suit their particular fitness goals.

Above all we’re here to help you. Here’s a reminder of what you can expect on your first time back with us:

  1. Hand sanitiser at the entrance and the equipment being cleaned between every member using it.
  2. Your programme is ready and waiting for you – we can change resistance or alter any exercises to suit your current fitness level.
  3. Everything else is the same – the circuit is in a slightly different position but still in the same order.
  4. We are still here to explain everything regarding new measures we have put in place, help you with anything you need as well as having a chat and a laugh!

If you want any further information on our COVID-19 procedures, you can read all about it, here.

We are looking forward to seeing you all very soon!


Much Love

Caroline & Hannah xx