Welcoming you back

Read on for more information on what to expect in our ladies gym.

Our COVID-19 Safety Promise to you

The health and safety of our members and our staff is our number 1 priority, that’s why we’re ensuring all Government Guidance (and more) is adhered to to make you feel safe when you visit us. We have kept our COVID-19 Procedures in place during 2021, so there will be few adaptations we need to make for 2022 should we go back to Tier 2, and luckily given the style of our gym these won’t affect your experience with us.

These are our promises to you:

We will continue to reduce the number of ladies in the gym at any one time operating on a slightly reduced booking in system of slots every 6 minutes for the circuit, and 8 ladies per class (you can still book in with us through our Online Booking In System).
We will be completing a deep clean of the equipment twice a day, and are providing clean cloths and individual disinfectant bottles (so each member will have a clean bottle that you can take around the circuit with you, rather than using a communal bottle) in order to wipe down the equipment before using it, so you have the confidence to use the machines safely.
We have moved the machines so they are spaced out to allow 1M between stations (given our reduced booking in system this allows there to always be the required 2M between you and the next lady)
We have Hand Sanitiser available which must be used by everyone upon entry to the gym.
We have ensured that a one-way system can be adhered to in the gym for everyone’s safety.
The personal hygiene of ourselves and our staff is paramount, ensuring regular hand washing and use of the Hand Sanitiser.

Our guidance is being constantly reviewed and updated in line with recommendations from the government and our governing body.

What Will Your W Fitness Visit Be Like?

To ensure all of the above precautions are met here is a snapshot of what your visit to W Fitness will be like.

Take a look for yourself on our virtual tour with Leeds TV:

(Please note this video is from July 2020, so there are a few changes to our cleaning procedures (you can see our updates to the right), and the number of bookings – are now every 6 minutes)

  1. Firstly, you will pre-book in for your gym slot using our Online Booking In System (We already used a booking in system pre-COVID19 as making a booking for your gym session makes you more likely to stick to it!)
  2. When you arrive for your session (please ensure you don’t enter the gym any more than 5 minutes before your session), you must use the Hand Sanitiser provided.
  3. You can then grab a clean cloth, your disinfectant bottle, and your Programme Card and safely make your way to the first workout station which is now next to the entrance. This is so we can adhere to guidance of ensuring a 1-way system is in place. Once on the circuit, it is exactly as you know it! The machines are in the same order, and we are always available to help guide you round and support you on the free stations.
  4. Simply wipe the machines down before using them (we will provide information on the areas that we recommend cleaning on each machine).
  5. Once you have completed the circuit, you will be asked to place your programme card in a separate box, as well as your cloth and bottle so these can be cleaned and sorted as required, and you can safely leave the gym.


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