Treat Yourself Like You Treat Your Pet…


You need looking after too

And no, we don’t mean throw a ball and go running after it…although that would make some great cardio exercise! ????


Ask yourself this….

  • When you pet gives you their big, cute eyes, do you give them more treats even though they’ve just eaten? Probably not (or at least very seldom) as you know it’s bad for them.

YET, do you reach for the biscuit tin or snack away even though you know you’re not hungry?

  •  Would you ever dream of not taking your dogs on their walk everyday because you know they need exercise?

YET, do you do any form of exercise that gets your heart rate up at least 3 times a week? (Not everyday – JUST 3 times for 30 minutes a week!)

  • Would you ever leave the house on a morning without giving your pet their breakfast?

YET do you make sure you’ve had a fully nutritious breakfast before starting your day? (and no this doesn’t include Cereal Bars, such as Belvita breakfast biscuits!)

SO, do you treat yourself better or worse than your pet?



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