Quirky Ways to Exercise

Fun and quirky ways to exercise

Exercise is so important to keep fit and healthy, but have you thought about trying something different? There are so many ways to exercise but why not jump out of your comfort zone a little and try one of the following fun & quirky ways to exercise. Plus, take a look at the end of this blog to see which of these are coming to W Fitness this year!! Bookings OPEN!

1) Hula Hooping

Grab a hula hoop and get swinging your hips. This is a great way to burn calories, burn body fat and inches, boost cardiovascular fitness, work your core muscles and improve balance and coordination. Play your favourite feel good music and let yourself go!

Quirky Ways to Exercise 1

2) Gin Yoga

Gin Yoga is going to be your new favourite class! Enjoy gaining the strength and flexibility of Yoga whilst sipping on your favourite G&T drink!

Quirky Ways to Exercise 2

3) Dance Like Nobody is Watching

Put on your favourite music and have a little dance party. It’s great for cardiovascular health, balance, strength, and flexibility, as well as helping with weight management and muscle tone. Dancing can be a great way to express yourself creatively and emotionally. It can also help you feel more confident and self-assured. If you’d like to join a dance based class, why not take a look at our Zumba and Dancercise Classes!

Quirky Ways to Exercise 3

4) Trampolining

Jumping on a trampoline works multiple muscles, which helps to build strength. It’s easy on the joints and helps to improve balance, stability and co-ordination. It’s a fantastic cardio activity, helping to strengthen the heart muscles, thereby reducing the amount of work your body must do to pump the blood around the body. It’s great for improving bone density and reducing the risk of osteoporosis. It’s a fun, feel-good activity that helps to reduce stress and anxiety so go and jump like you’re a kid again – it’s a great workout 😊

Quirky Ways to Exercise 4

5) 80s Aerobics

Go retro with this 80s themed aerobics class designed to get your heart rate up! Enjoy moving to 80s classics, such as ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ by Whitney Huston, and bringing back the classic 80’s aerobics moves! Leg warmers are encouraged at this class!

Quirky Ways to Exercise 5

6) Parkour

Unleash your inner daredevil and try some basic parkour moves. Make sure to practice this in a safe environment if you haven’t done this before. You can join a course to practice this if you are a little nervous about trying it on your own. This full body workout enhances agility and strength. 

Quirky Ways to Exercise 6

7) Roller Skating

Find a roller-skating rink and enjoy a bit of nostalgia for a great cardio workout. This will strengthen the legs and help to improve balance. Please be careful if this is something that you haven’t done for a long time! 😊

Quirky Ways to Exercise 7

8) Burlesque

Release your inner ‘sexy’ and strut your stuff in this sassy, body positive burlesque class. Incorporating fitness elements and dance routines you’re sure to feel empowered in this fab class!

Quirky Ways to Exercise 8

9) Skipping Rope

Skipping isn’t just for kids. It’s an excellent cardio workout that is good for improving coordination and agility, improving heart rate and blood pressure, balancing metabolism and toning both upper and lower body. 

Quirky Ways to Exercise 9

10) Animals!

This is one to do with the kids – pretend to be animals and perform movements like bear crawls, frog jumps and crab walks. Either write the animal moves on cards and pick one to do in turn or have races mimicking the animal moves. This is great for improving flexibility and working different muscle groups, as well as being a lot of fun.

Quirky Ways to Exercise 10

11) Balancing!

Grab a stability ball or a balance board and practice balancing. This is great for core strength, balance and stability.

Quirky Ways to Exercise 11

12) Disco Yoga

This fun yoga class keeps all the traditional Yoga postures and poses to help strengthen and improve your flexibility, but it’s all done to amazing disco tracks! You’re sure to feel energised, have a good laugh and enjoy this class!

Quirky Ways to Exercise 12

13) Obstacle Course.

Another one to do with the kids, use things that you have around the house and outside to set up an obstacle course in the garden. Find things that you can jump over, run round and crawl under to create a fun and challenging workout, giving you a full body workout.

Quirky Ways to Exercise 13

14) Geocaching Adventures.

Go on a treasure hunt while hiking or walking. Geocaching involves finding hidden containers using GPS coordinates, adding an element of excitement to your outdoor activities.

Quirky Ways to Exercise 14

15)Pole Dancing.

This is one I’ve always wanted to try so I’ll be trying this, this year! Free your inner pole dancer and develop strength, flexibility and coordination through pole dancing routines.

Quirky Ways to Exercise 15

At W Fitness, we are running some alternative fitness classes throughout the year. Come and have a go at the following which all promise to be a lot of fun as well as a great workout😊 Email us to book on by emailing us at wfitnesshorsforth@gmail.com or message us on Facebook if you’d like to try one of our feelgood, fun classes:

1) Gin Yoga. Sunday 25th February – 12.15pm to 1.15pm £20pp

This event is 1 hour of G&T Yoga where you will get 2 G&Ts included within the price to drink throughout our Yoga class. The class will combine fitness elements as well as a long relaxing session and is suitable for all fitness levels (must be over 18 to attend).

2) 80s Aerobics. Sunday 17th March – 12.15pm to 1.15pm £10pp

This event is a 1-hour session bringing you 80s classics such as ‘I wanna dance with somebody’ and ‘Billie \Jean’ – bring your legwarmers and be transported back to the 80s with this aerobics class suitable for all.

3) Burlesque. Sunday 26th May. 12.15pm to 1.15pm £10pp

Feel confident and strut your stuff in our Moulin Rouge inspired Burlesque class. With a feather boa included to really feel the part, you don’t want to miss out on this one-off class.

4) Disco Yoga. Sunday 23rd June. 12.15pm to 1.15pm £15pp

Join us in this disco themed Yoga class where we start the session with a glass of bubbly and a glitter station to get everyone feeling in the disco mood! We then have 45 minutes of disco Yoga which combines Yoga poses to disco music such as ‘You to me are everything’ and ‘Yes Sir, I can boogie’.

These quirky exercises not only provide physical benefits but also add an element of fun and excitement to your fitness journey. Trying something new, a little out of your comfort zone, is a great way to promote personal growth by challenging your limits and expanding your skills. It opens new perspectives, builds resilience and boosts self-confidence as you navigate unfamiliar territory. We’d love to see you in one of our classes :)

Much Love

Caroline & Hannah xx