Put down the diet drinks!

diet drinks

No to diet drinks

When women are looking to lose weight, it’s often common practice to swap to diet drinks, such as diet cola. This seems like an easy alternative to full sugar drinks and a step in the right direction on your fitness journey.  However, at W Fitness, we never encourage this, and having diet drinks can actually increase your weight, and is linked to obesity and diabetes, with one in 17 in the UK having diabetes.

Artificial sweeteners

A study by Marquette University, Milwaukee, found artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, are still linked to obesity and diabetes.

Lead author, Dr Brian Hoffmann, said: ‘Both sugar and artificial sweeteners seem to exhibit negative effects linked to obesity and diabetes. We also observed that replacing these sugars with non-caloric artificial sweeteners leads to negative changes in fat and energy metabolism. If you chronically consume these foreign substances (as with sugar) the risk of negative health outcomes increases.’

Findings from a second study, suggest the artificial sweetener acesulfame K accumulates in blood, with high levels harming the cells that line vessels.

So instead of replacing your full sugar drinks with diet alternatives, try a healthier alternative, such as naturally flavoured water.

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