Partner Workout!

Partner Workout

It’s Valentine’s Day! 

It’s come around very quickly but it’s Valentine’s Day again! This year we thought we’d look at something different for our blog. Yes, it’s still important to look after yourself and give yourself some self-care this Valentine’s Day whether that’s enjoying a nice meal, a long hot soak in a bubble bath, getting out in the fresh air for a nice long walk or simply taking some time to do whatever it is that you really enjoy. This year, we thought we’d show you some fun couples exercises to do with your partner to give you a great couples workout, or at least a good laugh if nothing else, so grab your Valentine, your Galentine or anyone who’ll work out with you 😊 

There are many advantages to working out with your partner such as: 

  1. Motivation. Your partner may be the best person to motivate you especially if you are working out together. There’s a great sense of being in something together, where you can encourage each other, especially if working out is something that you are both interested in and want to do. Your partner can provide a supportive environment, providing encouragement and sharing your goals. 
  1. Accountability. If you work out or go to the gym on your own, then only you know if you miss a session, but if you exercise with your partner this creates a sense of accountability because you’re mutually committed to your fitness goals, meaning that you are more likely to stay consistent and motivated. 
  1. Time Together. Balancing work, chores, kids and all the other things involved in day-to-day life can mean that you don’t get the time to spend with your partner that you’d like to. A couple’s workout is a great way to spend quality time together as it combines the benefits of exercise, promoting physical and mental health, with shared experiences by strengthening emotional bonds. You’ll also have a laugh as it adds a fun element to the relationship, enhancing overall well-being. 

Try the following fun couple’s workout that we’ve put together for Valentine’s Day: 

Perform each exercise for 10 reps and repeat each set 3 times through. 

Set 1 

  1. Medicine Ball Pass. Start by sitting on the floor, facing each other with legs slightly bent. Pass the medicine ball (or whatever you have to hand) to each other as you simultaneously perform a sit up, making sure to engage the abs. 
  1. Kettlebell Squats. Stand facing each other, one holding a kettlebell (or suitable weight) and simultaneously perform squats, whilst passing the weight to each other at the top of the squat.
Partner Workout! 3
  1. Static Lateral Lunges. Face each other and perform a static lunge – both on the same leg so that you are going in opposite directions. As you come up between lunges tap hands with each other and then lunge to the other side. 
  1. Bicep Curls. Stand, facing each other, both holding the end of a resistance band. Alternatively, perform bicep curls, providing resistance to each other. 
  1. Plank Reaches. Get into a plank position, facing each other, and whilst holding the plank (remember to squeeze your core!) reach forward to tap hands (right hand to right hand and left hand to left hand). 
Partner Workout! 9
  1. Bunny Hops. One person is in tabletop position on hands and knees whilst the other performs 10 bunny hops over their back, then swap over.  

Set 2 

  1. Russian Twists. Sit side by side with one of you holding a medicine ball (or similar). Twist to the side away from your partner and as you come back to the centre pass the ball to your partner who will then repeat the move and pass it back to you. 
  1. Lunge and Pass. Stand facing each other with one person holding a medicine ball. Perform lunges and pass the ball to your partner as you come up from the lunge. 
  1. Side To Side Crunches. Lie on the floor with legs bent, facing your partner. One person puts their legs between their partners. Lift head and shoulders off the floor and perform a side-to-side crunch where you reach towards your partner’s right hand and then the left hand. 
  1. Shoulder Press. Face each other and both hold two dumbbells. One person performs 10 shoulder presses (like Hannah with the black weights) whilst the other holds the weights at shoulder level (like Elli with the gold weights). Then swap over.   
  1. Standing Twist. Stand back-to-back, one person holding a weight and twist round towards your partner, passing the weight between each other.  
  1. Core Crunch. Sit opposite each other facing your partner, and hold hands. Perform oblique crunches by pulling your legs in towards your chest and extending them to one side of your partner, and then switching sides for the next crunch. 

Have fun and we hope that you enjoy our couple’s workout, whether this is the start of your fitness journey or whether you are already on your way 😊 

Much Love 

Caroline & Hannah xx