Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Text: Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s Mother’s Day and what better time to show appreciation for the special women in our lives who have nurtured us and helped us to become the people that we are. Our own personal cheerleaders 😊

If you’re like me, you’re always on the lookout for products that can make your life healthier, happier and give you enjoyment whilst using them.

Why not look at giving your mum a healthy gift this year to show her that you care about her well-being? Here are our top 10 healthy gift ideas: 

  1. A healthy cookbook – For mums who love to cook, a healthy cookbook filled with nutritious recipes can inspire them to try new and healthy meals (Hannah & Elli if you’re reading this – this is always a winner for me, especially if they’re quick! 😊).
  2. Yoga mat – For mums who enjoy yoga or want to start enjoying it, a high-quality yoga mat can help them to stay comfortable during their classes and provides a non-slip surface.
  3. A water bottle – get your mum a pretty, new water bottle to help her to keep drinking (water that is 😉) and stay hydrated.
  4. A spa day – A relaxing spa day can help mums to destress and unwind. Look for spas that offer treatments such as massages, facials and body wraps that use all-natural and organic products. It’s even better if you can go with them and enjoy the day together! (Another winner for me girls 😊)
  5. A fitness tracker – This is a great gift for active mums who want to keep track of their daily physical activity, steps and workouts. It can also encourage (and remind!) them to stay active, drink more water, and help them to reach their fitness goals.
  6. A fruit basket – A beautiful basket filled with a variety of different fresh fruits is a healthy and delicious gift that can be enjoyed by the whole family.
  7. A selection of herbal teas – Get your mum a variety of herbal teas to try. Tea is a great addition to a healthy diet, providing health benefits which may reduce stress and inflammation, help with sleep and support the immune system. This is one of Hannah’s favourite ideas!
  8. A fitness class bundle – Sign your mum up for a few classes such as yoga, Zumba or a Bodyblast class. Take a look at our fitness classes here – we offer class bundles when booking here which would enable her to try a few different ones to see what she likes (if you have nay questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we’re always more than happy to help!
  9. A plant – Plants add beauty to the home as well as providing health benefits such as improving air quality and reducing stress levels. Choose a low maintenance plant that your mum can enjoy for years and will make her think of you every time she looks at it 😊
  10.  A healthy meal – Give your mum the night off and cook her a healthy meal or take her out for a meal and enjoy time together.  
  11. A Gym Membership – If you mum loves a variety of workouts and wants the freedom of choosing the gym or a class, then why not get her the gift of health! With memberships starting from 1 month, speak to us about gifting your mum a W Fitness membership!

Of course, the absolute best gift that you can give your mum is spending time with her. I have always spent Mother’s Day with Hannah and Elli, enjoying our time together, but this year will be a little different as Elli is away travelling around Bali and Thailand, and not back until April (we can celebrate when you’re back El 😊). I will, however, be spending Mother’s Day with Hannah, Poppy and my mum-in-law – four generations including three mummies. I’m one lucky lady and I’m sure we’ll have an amazing day 😊. I hope you all do too.

Much Love

Caroline & Hannah xx