Online Lockdown Classes – how do they work?!

lockdown classes

With the UK back in lockdown and all gyms forced to close under the Governements guidance from Tuesday 5th January 2020, we must count ourselves lucky to live in an era where exercise can go virtual…welcome to the World of Zoom and Facebook live classes!

Although for most of us online classes can never beat in-person classes, they are the next best thing.

But how do they work?

Our W Fitness classes are so much more than just an exercise class, they provide a support network, accountability, build friendships, and help improve your mental wellbeing too.

To ensure we can encorporate all of these factors into our online classes, we have set up an exclusive Facebook Group to host our workouts. This ensures every member has access to support when they need it!

To access our classes, you simply needmessage us to sign up, then join our Facebook Group and all of our videos are in there – including our library of over 150 workouts we’ve done through previous lockdowns.

The benefits of Online Training with W Fitness

Login Anywhere – As long as you have access to the internet, you can use our Facebook Group and workout wherever you are!

Exercise According to Your Schedule – Although we run the live classes at certain times, we always save them into the group so you can access them online at a time to suit you! This gives you the flexibility to do as many classes as you’d like, when you like.

You Can Access Us From Anywhere – Although you have to live around Horsforth to join our physcial gym, during lockdown, anyone can become a member and access our classes online – yay!

No Need To Be Nervous – If you’re new to exercise, you aren’t sure what types of exercise you like, or you feel intimidated when walking into a new workout environment, our online classes are an excellent reprieve from the traditional gym or studio. You can test different styles from the comfort of your living room, and we’re always on hand in the group for advice.

Gain Expert Advice From Home – Both Caroline and Hannah are qualified Personal Trainers, and we’re always in the group ready to support you and answer any questions you may have. This can be from advice on correcting your form for a certain exercise, to general motivational support!

Make friends! – Every one of our members is such a lovely lady. Everyone is so supportive of each other and loves to keep the motivation going! If you’re needing some friends to keep you going with your exercise journey, our W Fitness ladies are the ladies you need!

What kind of classes do you run?

Our classes change throughout the year, and we’re starting with our feel FIT and FABULOUS programme this January! ????????
We have a 28 day programme including:
MONDAY – 2x 10 Minute HIITS @ 5pm
TUESDAY – Daily Challenge
WEDNESDAY – Body Blast @ 1pm
FRIDAY – Stretch and Strengthen @ 5pm
SATURDAY – Zumba with Caroline @ 10am
SUNDAY – Rest Day

How can I Join?

Simply message us if you’d like to join our online classes and we can send you access!
We’d love to help as many ladies mentally, and physically through this lockdown.
Much Love,
Hannah & Caroline xx


Ready to start?

Book in for your free visit at W Fitness Horsforth, or join our online membership, TonedIn10, if we’re too far!

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