Is sugar reaaally that bad for you…?

The new hype to lose weight

Every month there seems to be a new hype on how to lose weight. First it’s ‘no carbs before marbs’, then cut your fat intake, and now it’s all about cutting down on your sugar intake. But is sugar really that bad for you?

Artificial v Natural Sugar

Well, that depends on the type of sugar you’re taking about: artificial or natural.

Artificial sugar (such as white granulated, caster sugar, and brown sugar) has no nutritional value and can be converted into fat if you don’t burn it off. This type of sugar can cause a spike in blood sugar levels, and is a leading contributor to obesity and diabetes. Unfortunately, this sugar is found in all the traditionally ‘yummy’ foods, such as, cakes, biscuits, chocolate, ice cream and so on.

Plus, watch our for ‘Low Fat’ options as these can often be packed with artificial sugar and can actually be worse for you!

There’s a long standing debate with natural sugar. It’s much better for you than artificial sugar as often the food it’s found in, like fruits, have essential vitamins and minerals too! Just make sure to limit your intake of these, and pick fruits high in fibre and low in fructose. But there’s no need to cut them out completely, and a bunch of grapes is definitely better for you than a biscuit!

Need more guidance on low sugar?

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