Exercising After COVID

Exercising after covid

It’s been around for two years now, with the majority of us either having had it, or will inevitably catch it at some point now the restrictions have lifted.

For those of you who don’t know, after avoiding it for 2 years, Hannah & Caroline both caught COVID last week (typically at the same time as each other!!) Even though the restrictions have changed, we decided not to work in the gym for our ladies safety. Thankfully, we have FANTASTIC staff who stepped in to cover the gym for us so we could stay open as much as possible!

We’re both now back and fighting fit, BUT do you need to adapt your workouts after COVID?

That may depend on what symptoms you’ve had.

After a period of illness and inactivity, your muscles will be much weaker than normal and you will certainly be less fit than you were, however, it is important to get back to your previous level of activity or possibly aim to be more active!

Caroline, has been very lucky and had barely any symptoms at all, in fact, Caroline was able to keep active whilst she had covid by doing some of our home workouts! Now that she’s testing negative again, Caroline will continue with her workouts as normal!

Hannah on the other hand, had a bad cough, a bit of a head cold, and slight fatigue. Now Hannah’s testing negative too, she’s going to build up her workouts a bit more slowly and gradually. Our Yoga class is going to be a great one for Hannah to start with – it’s the perfect combination of strength training, stretching and cardio!

It’s important no matter what your symptoms were, to listen to your body! It will tell you what it’s capable of, and don’t be afraid to build your workouts back up gradually – you will get back to where you were eventually!

If you need help with your workouts after COVID, then get in touch with us and we can help you! 💚