Claire’s Story

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We LOVE our members at W Fitness, after all it’s you guys who make W Fitness the friendly, supportive and amazing place that it is. That’s why we’d like to put the spotlight on you and your successes – they’re certainly something to be proud of! Whether you needed to lower your body fat percentage or just wanted to improve your mood, we’ve got an array of results that are all personal to our members.

This month we’re focusing on our lovely member, Claire, who joined us to lose weight, get more active and become happier!

What made you want to get into exercise?

To keep fit and gain strength

What was your goal? And, have you reached it?

My goal was to gain strength and tone up. Already in just 1 month I have gone up a level of resistance on most machines and I can feel myself getting stringer.

Are you pleased with your results?

I’m AMAZED at the improvements I can see in just 4 weeks!

What do you LOVE about W Fitness?

The circuit is so quick and easy to do. It’s perfect to fit into a busy lifestyle. Also Hannah and Caroline are always so helpful and friendly.

Why did you choose W Fitness to achieve your goals?

Being local is so handy and quick, plus not spending hours in the gym! And I instantly felt welcome as soon as I met the team.


“If you’re new to fitness or a seasoned pro, W Fitness has something for everyone, they can cater for any ability and are always on hand for advise and help!” – Claire

Ready to start?

Book in for your free visit at W Fitness Horsforth, or join our online membership, TonedIn10, if we’re too far!

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