1500 Sample Meal Plan

1500 cal sample meal plan

What should I be eating?

So many people ask us exactly what they should be eating, however, what you should be eating is different for every individual, there is no, one size fits all when it comes to your nutrition. If you need specific advice, it’s always best you check with your doctor or a qualified nutritionist – don’t trust or believe everything you read online!

When it comes to ‘dieting’, eating whole foods is always best – and please don’t waste your money on gimmick weight loss shakes, or meal replacement tablets as these can damage your health in the long run and won’t give you sustainable results (as much as you’d love to believe they do).

Below is a sample meal plan of approximately 1,500 calories. This is to give you an idea of the amounts of food that you can eat. Please check what your calorie requirements are and make sure that you are eating the correct amount for you (as well as the correct macro-nutrient ratio).

Sample Meal Plan

Breakfast – 257 cals

2 egg mushroom omelette + 1 slice wholemeal toast.

1 cup of coffee/tea with milk

Morning Snack – 115 cals

Small packet of unsalted nuts and raisins

Lunch – 392 cals

Box of Sushi (334 cals)

Small bunch of grapes – 100g (70 cals)

Afternoon Snack – 62 cals

1 Babybel

Dinner – 675 cals

 Medium steak, grilled (240 cals)

Large salad (40 cals)

Serving of sweet potato wedges  – 1 sweet potato 5” long (152 cals)

125g pack of low-fat Boursin cheese (108 cals)

2 crackers (100 cals)

50g grapes (35 cals)

Total cals – 1,501

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