10 Minute Booty Workout


Who doesn’t want a pert, lifted booty? Here we show you how to get one. The right exercises will not only sculpt and tone your booty but will help to strengthen and protect your lower back, when lifting heavier weights.  

10 Minutes is all you need for a great workout that can help you see results! If you like this workout why not try our TonedIn10 at home workouts – you can pop your name on our waiting list to gain access!

Your Booty Workouts

Follow one of the set of exercises below and repeat 4 times through for your 10-minute booty toning and strengthening workout.

Complete each exercise for 30 seconds before moving straight onto the next exercise without a break.

Booty Workout 1

  1. Donkey Kicks – kneel on all fours and push one leg up towards the ceiling keeping the knee bent. Raise and lower the leg, keeping it bent and keeping your hips still and stable. To add extra resistance, pop a resistance band just above your knees. Do 15 seconds on each side.
  2. Walking Lunges – hold a dumbbell in each hand and bend elbows so that the weights are by your shoulders (with the ends of the weights facing your shoulders like a hammer curl) While in this position take a large stride forwards and bend both legs into a lunge so that your back knee almost, but not quite, touches the floor. Continue walking in lunges for the 30 seconds.
  3. Step Ups – Use an exercise step or the bottom step of a flight of stairs. Stand facing the step and step up with your right leg, taking your left knee up towards your chest. Do 15 seconds on one leg and then change sides.
  4. Crab Walk with Band – Place a resistance band just below your knees. Stand and take a large step out to the right side and take it into a squat. Bring your leg back to the start and repeat on the same leg for 15 seconds, then switch legs.
  5. Single Leg Deadlift – Stand on your right leg and rest your left leg on the floor behind you (on your toes), keeping it straight. Hold a weight in your left hand and, keeping a slight bend in the right knee, hinge forwards from the hips to lower the weight to the floor, and then push back up through your right heel, making sure your back stays flat. Do 15 seconds on each leg.

Booty Workout 2

  1. Goblet Squat – Hold a weight in front of your chest (with bent arms and elbows facing the floor). Lower into a squat by bending the knees and pushing the hips back, making sure that the knees don’t come in front of the toes. Push up through your heels back to the start position.
  2. Glute Bridge – Lie on the floor with legs bent and arms by your side. Push up through your heels into a bridge position, squeezing your glutes tightly as you push up. Lower back to the floor without touching it, and then push back up again.
  3. Standing Kick-Back – Stand with your weight on one foot and with a slight bend in your knee and, holding your hands together in front of you, lean slightly forward and slowly lift your other leg backwards (squeezing your glutes) until nearly parallel with the floor and return slowly to the floor. Do 15 seconds on each leg.
  4. Side Lunge & Toe Touch – Stand with your feet wide (wider than shoulder width). Reach your right hand down across your body to touch your left toe, lowering until your left knee is at 90 degrees. Reach straight across to your right toe with your left hand and then return to the start position (standing). This is one rep. Repeat for the 30 seconds.
  5. Deadlift – Hold dumbbells in front of your body with arms straight, and palms facing your body. Hinge from the hips and lower the weights towards the floor, keeping knees slightly bent, your back straight and your head up. Lift up to the start position, making sure to push back up through the heels.

Try these workouts for 10 minutes each day to get the pert booty that you’ve always dreamed of 😊

Much Love,

Caroline & Hannah xx