Frequently Asked Questions

W Fitness is unlike any conventional gym you’ll have been to!
Our price includes:
• A Personal Programme
• An Initial Consultation to tailor your programme to you
• A Monthly Review to ensure your programme is growing with your fitness level
• A Personal Service – we want to get to know you!
• Classes
• Women-Only Facility
• Home Exercises to compliment your programme
• Nutritional Advice
• Coffee and Flavoured Water on every visit!


You get all of this for £35 a month, which works out at as little as £1.17 a day (less than your coffee!). However, we also have seasonal offers, so please get in touch to ask about those!

Yes! Our machines use hydraulic resistance which is easy on your joints and suitable for all ages and abilities. As we tailor your personal programme to you, we can ensure it matches your individual needs. If you have any queries regarding this, please don’t hesitate to book in for a visit so you can see the machines and we can explain in more detail how they work

  • An easy to use 30 minute full body workout circuit combining hydraulic resistance and cardio machines which have been designed to tone, strengthen and burn fat.
  • A Fully Equipped Personal Training Studio.
  • Classes.
  • A Reception Area with comfy seats, a coffee machine and flavoured water.
  • Changing room with lockers and toilet facilities.

Our circuit is made up of 10 individual stations that each work a targeted muscle group. These stations are made up of: 6 hydraulic resistance machines; 2 free weight stations; a cardio station; and a stretch station. When all 10 are combined you create a powerful full body workout.
The machines are suitable for all ages, abilities and sizes as they are easily adjustable, offer two-way resistance, and have a resistance control to advance or simplify your programme depending on your fitness ability and goals.
These 10 stations are specifically combined to create a workout that puts you in your “fat burning zone” which will increase your metabolism, burn fat, strengthen and create lean muscle. We can tailor your personal programme to match your specific fitness goals.
Our circuit was designed by our Personal Trainer and is exclusive to W Fitness.

Yes, as we create a unique programme for all our members. However, our personal training services are available to non-members also. Please use the contact form to book a session, or ask any queries.

You’re more than welcome to come and take a look around our facility to see if we’re right for you! We do ask that you book in to ensure there will be a member of staff available to tell you all about W Fitness and how it works, however, do feel free to pop in if you’re passing and take a look at our facility.

Our first gym is located on Station Road, Horsforth.
However, we’re already looking for our second location. If you’d like a gym near you please use the contact form to let us know! UK residents only please.

Please use the Contact Us form to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

We are open:

Mon – Fri
9am – 2pm & 4pm – 7pm (and till 8pm on a Wednesday)

Sat & Sun
9am – 12pm

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